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Video: Canon XA10 camcorder


Jon, our cameraman and video editor, tries out the new Canon XA10 camcorder by shooting a Crutchfield video with it. He also explains the benefits of this camcorder's image sensor.


I'm here with one of Canon's newest camcorders, the XA10. And this camcorder is perfect for videographers, like me, who make videos for the web. It's got everything that you need to make pristine HD videos in just a small, portable package. And to prove how well this camera works we were actually able to shoot one of the videos for our website with it and the results were spot on.

So this camera has fewer megapixels on its sensor than a lot of other HD camcorders but that's the good thing because the pixels on this sensor are a little bit larger than other sensors out there so they can each gather more light. And because each one of those pixels is larger that means that there's less processing that has to happen after the image is captured and what the result is a cleaner image in the end.

Another good thing about this camcorder is that it has this handle on top that's packed with all sort of professional inputs. You can see here it has two XLR inputs and I was able to plug in one of my shotgun microphones to get pro focused sound. What's great about having a camcorder with all the professional amenities in such a small size is that you don't really freak out your talent too much. When I was shooting the Crutchfield video with Zak he was nice and relaxed when I was coming at him with just this small, unintimidating camera as opposed to having a big honking camera focused on him. So if you have any questions about this camcorder or any of the other camcorders we carry feel free to give us a call.

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