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Video: Crutchfield Listening Station: AKG K 272 HD headphones


Crutchfield Advisor Ringo talks about the AKG K 272 HD around-the-ear headphones and why the AKG name is so well-known to professional musicians.

Ringo: Here at Crutchfield, we've set up what is called a listening station where we can really take advantage of trying out each individual set of headphones that we have to offer you. We've gotten really good feedback from a lot of the sales advisers on the floor ™ not only being able to hear them for themselves, but to be able to translate that to the customer on the phone.

So one set of headphones I wanted to talk to you about are the AKG 272 HDs. These headphones are extremely lightweight and they're very comfortable around the ears to use. So you've probably heard about AKG. They're really used in the studio a lot. If you're a musician or an engineer, you've definitely come across the brand and I definitely think that they build a very good quality product.

And if you'd like to get our take on the best headphones here at Crutchfield give us a call. We'll be glad to help you out.

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