Video: Denon Remote App Demo


Denon showed us their Denon Remote App for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® during a training session at Crutchfield. This App can control Denon receivers and play music stored on compatible Apple devices.

I'd like to show you the Denon App. This is a cool way to control your Denon networkable A/V receiver, and be able to access your iTunes music via AirPlay in a slightly different way.

You start off by downloading the free App from the App store. You'll notice it is found at the AVR-2112CI. From this screen, you can do just about anything you could while using the regular Denon remote. You can select sources by touching that button. You get a list of all the sources available on your A/V receiver. You can select other zones. If they were available, and you had them hooked up, you could control them through the App as well. You could even do surround parameter adjustments.

But the most fun part is iPod player. This is a way for you to stream all the music that's already stored on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. You don't even have to have your home computer running iTunes to make this work. It makes it into a portable music streamer.

So you start by simply touching the "iPad player" button. I touch "library" in the top right. I'm gonna touch "albums" in the bottom right and there's a list of all the albums that I already have stored on my iPad. To have it play over on the Denon a couple things have to happen. First you choose a song or an album and a song.

You'll notice that it hasn't started playing on the Denon receiver yet. That's because you have to choose the symbol at the bottom right to tell it which speaker it should be playing through. Right now it's playing through the iPad rather than through the Denon. It does that because it wants to make sure it doesn't interrupt anything that might be happening on a Denon receiver that's somewhere else in your house. So simply by touching the AVR-2112 button it now converts and starts playing over on the Denon receiver — just like that.

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