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Video: Fuji EF-X20 Flash

The EF-X20 hot shoe flash works with select Fujifilm cameras to improve the look of your flash photography. Its build quality, enhanced with premium metal elements, is especially designed to complement the styling of Fujifilm's acclaimed X-Series cameras. This powerful-yet-compact add-on flash lets you shoot in very-low-light conditions.

I've got here the Fuji EF-X20 add on flash. This is for the Fuji X-series systems. So what this does, it gives your Fuji a very powerful fill flash. It can be used either through the lens, or it can also be easily dialed in as a manual flash. So this is where you tell it how powerfully to flash it. And it's kind of a trial and error system, but it's very useful for doing outdoor portraits and stuff like that. On the dial up here you can dial it in from full power all the way to 1/64th power.

So it's a very versatile little flash. It can be used as a slave flash also, or even as a master in a wireless flash system. So you can set this up on a tripod somewhere else, and once it senses a flash going off it'll fill in that light for you and you can take some pretty sophisticated portraits that way with just a couple of these flashes. It's the Fuji EF-X20. If you have any questions about this just give us a call.

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