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Video: Fuji X-E1 Digital Camera

Fujifilm tapped in to a powerful place in the global shutterbug psyche when they introduced their "X" series of retro-influenced cameras in 2011. This entry, the 16-megapixel interchangeable-lens Fujifilm X-E1, stays firmly in that well-established design aesthetic, while offering some new technological features that make this camera even more of a value than its predecessors.

I've got the Fuji X-E1 camera here. This is the latest from Fuji's X-series line. At the heart of the X-E1 is Fuji's fantastic image sensor, and combined with these high quality X-series lenses it'll give you some fantastic, sharp, just detailed photos.

You've got control over your shutter speed on a dial here. Your aperture control is on your lens here. So whatever you want to take control of while you're shooting, you can do so easily with the twist of a dial, not having to dive into any menus.

It also has a fantastic electronic viewfinder built in, and it's even got a sensor that will switch from the back LCD screen to the viewfinder when you get your eye close. You've also got a little pop-up flash here, and a little trick that I figured out pretty quick was with just a finger you can actually tilt it back and point it up and bounce it off the ceiling. And anybody who's used a flash a lot knows that you want to bounce that flash instead of blasting it right at people when you're indoors.

I think this might be my favorite Fuji camera yet. The X-E1 — it's a real shooter's camera, and if you really love taking pictures I think you'll really love this camera. So if you have any questions about this camera or any others, just give Crutchfield a call.

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