Video: Grado GR8 and GR10 in-ear headphones


Jay from Grado came to Crutchfield to tell us about their GR8 and GR10 in-ear headphones.

Hi. This is Jay here to talk to you about the Grado GR8 and GR10 in-ear headphones. The GR8 and 10 are unique as an in-ear design, in that we use a single driver at Grado. Multiple drivers, while maybe producing a slightly wider frequency response do tend to have more phase issues, which means the single driver is going to sound more natural, more open, and still provide full-frequency response for your music listening.

The GR10 provides a slightly larger driver than the GR8 which gives you greater dynamics, better overall efficiency, and greater overall listening pleasure. The GR8s and 10s also come with small, medium, and large ear tips.

If you have any questions about these or any of the other Grado headphones, please give Crutchfield a call. Thank you.

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