Video: Grado SR125i, SR225i, and SR325is Headphones


Jay from Grado came to visit us at Crutchfield, and showed us some of the features on the Grado SR125i, SR225i, and SR325is headphones.

Hi. This is Jay to talk about the Grado SR125, 225, and 325i headphones, handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

All three models feature an open-air design for better overall sound quality and performance, since the driver is not restricted by a closed-air design. We also use an 8-conductor cable inside of the connecting cord, which is made of an ultra-high purity copper. It allows for better transference of signal from the electronics to the headphones — very similar in using better speaker wire on your home speakers. We also de-stress the drivers prior to manufacturing, which allows for better overall performance by giving you more open, natural sound.

When you step up to the 225, you employ a larger ear cushion for better comfort, as well as placing the headphones slightly further away from the ear for better overall performance. We also use an improved rear metal screen for greater air flow. That provides greater dynamic range from the headphones.

The 325 uses an aluminum air chamber, which is more rigid — less resonance, for punchier bass and better dynamics. Other step-up features include ultra-high purity copper in the headphone cable, and a leather headband.

If you have any questions about these or any of the other Grado headphones, please give Crutchfield a call. Thank you.

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