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Video: How Bluetooth® Speakers Work

Crutchfield A/V writer Ralph Graves takes a trip to the Crutchfield Labs to explain the basics of Bluetooth wireless speakers. These home or portable speakers offer a great way to enjoy the media available on your smartphone or other Bluetooth equipped devices. Check out this video for the basics, and be sure to contact us so we can help you shop Crutchfield for the Bluetooth speaker that's best for you.

Ralph: Bluetooth speakers are gaining in popularity for in-home use. These wireless speakers let you access the audio content from your Smartphone without having to dock your Smartphone. And that means you can control what you listen to anywhere within the range of the speakers.

Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of sizes and shapes from small portables to large bookshelf-size models. But no matter what size or shape, they all work the same way. Bluetooth is simply a wireless technology that lets two devices talk to each other. In the case of Bluetooth speakers, your smartphone, tablet, or other device transmits to the Bluetooth speaker which uses its built-in amplifier and speakers for playback. This lets you enjoy much better sound quality than what's produced by tiny built-in speakers on your phone.

Connecting, or pairing, your device to a Bluetooth speaker is a simple one time operation. Most Bluetooth speakers will remember and recognize your phone when it's in range. So after your initial pairing, all you have to do is turn the speaker on and you're ready to listen. One thing: even though Bluetooth speakers are wireless, they still need power for their built-in amplifier. Some speakers will always need to be plugged into a wall outlet to work. If you want portability, look for a model with a built-in rechargeable battery.

So what can you listen to on a Bluetooth speaker? Well, anything that you can listen to on your Smartphone. Stored audio, streaming music, movie soundtracks.there's plenty of possibilities.

When you shop for Bluetooth speakers, keep in mind where you might be using them. We've got models that will suit your particular audio and lifestyle needs. Need help selecting a Bluetooth speaker? Chat, email, or give us a call. Our experts are happy to help you find one that's right for you.

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