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Video: JBL Charge Portable Bluetooth® Speaker and Backup Battery


You don't have to worry about running out of juice with the JBL Charge. It's a high-quality Bluetooth speaker system and backup battery rolled into one. Its 6000mAh of stored power can deliver up to 12 hours of continuous music playback, or you can use some of that power to recharge your smartphone or other compatible portable device. Inside the Charge are two 1-1/2" full-range drivers that deliver clean, clear sound, with a built-in bass port that reinforces the low tones.

I'm really excited to talk to you guys about this. This thing is so cool. This is the JBL Charge. So let me ask you a question: how many times have you been out and about and your phone goes dead, or your tablet goes dead? It's kind of a bummer right? We have to run around, we've got to find somewhere to plug in, and it makes it kind of a challenge. So the Charge does exactly what the name implies. It's actually a 6000mAh battery built into the device.

There's a USB port on the side. You take the cable from your device, plug it into our JBL Charge, and it's going to charge your device. It will charge your phone about three times. It'll charge your tablet once. Additionally, it's got awesome sound. It's got Bluetooth technology built into it. It's got two drivers built into it that are high output drivers, and it's got a bass port on the side to give you really good low frequencies. So at the end of the day, what it's gonna do for you is give you awesome sound and keep you rockin'. Thanks for checking it out.

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