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JBL Cinema SB 100

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Not feeling the impact from your television's tiny built-in speakers? What if we told you that with AC power and one cable from your television we could up your audio game noticeably — with a little help from JBL, of course. They offer three soundbar models, including one with a separate wireless subwoofer.

Zak: I'm at CES 2013 with Chris from Harman. Chris, tell me about these JBL sound bars.

Chris: Well, Zak, we're really excited to launch three new JBL sound bars. Obviously the sound bar is a very fast-growing category. More and more people want a real simple solution to be able to bring surround sound into their home and to use with their flat panel televisions. So we have three very simple solutions that step up in performance and features that allow the customer to get the best surround in their house.

And the first sound bar we have is the JBL SB 100. Basic sound bar, has great JBL sound so it's got great low end, has a built-in woofer. It's got clear high dynamic range. It's got a bracket which you bracket on the wall or you can actually put it on a table top. There's actually a little switch on the back that actually EQs this sound bar for the best possible performance depending on how you are going to use it. So it's very affordable, great sound, it's a great way to get into the sound bar category.

For a little bit better sound and for Bluetooth connectivity — everybody's using Bluetooth now with all their mobile devices — is the Sound Bar 200. So it gives you Bluetooth and it also has a built-in subwoofer. So you'll definitely hear a step up in the low-end bass on that Sound Bar 200, so it really kind of puts you in the movie, really gives you that cinematic experience.

Now the flagship that we're just coming to market with is the Sound Bar 400. It actually has a separate stand-alone 8" 200 watt powered subwoofer. It's also the biggest bar that we have, so it fits a lot of today's larger flat panel televisions that people are buying. In addition to that it includes three HDMI inputs with Audio Return Channel so it almost kind of functions like a receiver so it gives you a lot more connectivity than you find in a traditional sound bar and it also has Bluetooth. And obviously with a separate subwoofer you have a really dynamic sound. It can play very loud. It can fill large spaces and really gives you that surround experience with very simple, easy connectivity and hook up.

Zak: Great. Thanks Chris. That's JBL's sound bars.

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