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Video: Kenwood 2013 CD Receivers

Kenwood's 2013 CD receivers are better than ever, bringing smartphone connectivity and great Kenwood sound quality to your dash. Check them out from the Kenwood booth at CES 2013.

Zak: I'm at the Kenwood booth at CES 2013 with Matt. Matt, take us through the Kenwood CD receiver line.

Matt: OK. So we have several new models this year, including the KDC-BT955HD which will have built-in Bluetooth. It will also have built-in HD and will have front and rear USB inputs for iPod, iPhone compatibility, as well as USB devices and Android smartphones. It will also feature an advanced equalizer including a seven-band EQ as well as cross-overs.

The KDC-BT855U looks very similar to the '955, but will not have built-in HD radio and will not have the audio features that the '955 has. The KDC-BT755HD has built-in HD radio, built-in Bluetooth, and will only feature a front USB and a single line text display. The KDC-655U again will bring back the front and rear USB inputs, but will not be compatible with Bluetooth or HD radio. It will be able to add satellite radio to it, and will have a multi-line text display with variable illumination. The KDC-BT555U will feature built-in Bluetooth and will have satellite radio ready with iPod Pandora control through via USB and an iPhone. And then the KDC-HD455U will feature a single line text, USB control, with built-in HD radio.

Zak: Thanks, Matt. That's Kenwood's CD receivers for 2013.

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