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Video: Polk Camden Square Bluetooth speaker


Polk's Camden Square Bluetooth speaker is a party in a box — combined with a free smartphone app, it lets up to four people create a group playlist. And everyone else at the party can vote on songs to change the order. Of course, Polk makes the Camden Square sound great, too.

Logan: Here at CES 2014, I've got Jim Marshall here from Polk Audio who's gonna tell us about a really cool new product they've got in their line this year.

Jim: The Camden Square product is a multiple user Bluetooth-enabled audio device. It is designed to create sound either in a dispersion pattern around it, or in a pattern emanating left and right stand up. It has a 24-hour rechargeable battery life in it, so it's great for portability and for social aspects in it, but what really makes this thing unique in the marketplace is that the owner of the device can download an app to their iPhone or their Droid called DJ Stream.

Once you have that app you can host a party. And once you host that party the next three people that come in can join the party. The additional three people that join in, between all four of those users, you can create a joint playlist from amongst the music on those people's devices. In addition to that, another hundred and twenty people can join the party and they have voting rights. They can approve or disapprove of the selections that are being played and if somebody in the first three should decide to leave the party the next person in the queue gets to move in, and you start to pull sound from their playlists.

So it's a great sounding little product — take it anywhere. You can take it out on the back deck when you're barbequing . You can take it out to the pool with you, very useful, use it in your office or your kitchen, very easy to set up and sounds great.

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