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Video: Rockin' RV Installation

A customer came to us with a problem: he wasn't happy with the lack of sound and the old TVs in his RV. Our installation crew came to the rescue, designing a new system to turn his hum-drum highway time into a rockin' roll down the open road. They loaded his RV with all new gear, including a Concertone home theater system, two Toshiba LCD TVs, and new external rear- and side-view camera system from Accele. Check it out in this video!


I'm at one of the Crutchfield retail stores today where our installers are doing something they don't normally get to do. And that's an installation on an RV. What they're doing is replacing all the old AV gear. We're putting in a brand new 5.2 home theater system-that two means two subwoofers-and just better audio distribution hardware throughout the truck.

We installed new Concertone C5 surround sound speakers and two Concertone subwoofers in the main living area to create a system that will fill the cabin with sound. The RV already has good speakers in the bedroom but we added a pair of new Sound Ordnance 6x9 speakers in boxes for the patio area outside. And we gave them lots of extra cable so the owner can move them around as he needs. The heart of the system is the Concertone ZX800 DVD receiver. It's designed specifically for RV applications and it can run three separate zones at once: the 5.2 channel home theater zone in the main cabin, and two two channel zones for the bedroom and outdoor patio area. The owner can play a different source in each zone-a movie in the family area, music or a different movie in the bedroom, and music outside.

So here's the old TV. This was the main TV that was up in a cabinet above the driver's area in the front of the RV. This old thing is going to be replaced with this nice new LCD flat panel — obviously much bigger picture, much brighter, more clear picture compared to this old thing. The new TV combined with the new Concertone sound system means there isn't a bad seat in this rolling theater.

Like we did in the front, we replaced the bedroom's old TV with a new LCD and added a new Blu-ray player too. Now viewers in this room can watch whatever's showing on the main TV or they can switch over to their own movie.

In addition to entertainment, we also upgraded the RV's rear view capabilities with a new camera system from Accele. On the outside we installed three new cameras-one on each side and one to replace the old black and white camera on the rear. The new cameras provide a clearer picture that's in color. We also replaced the old black and white monitor on the driver's console with a new color LCD. The driver can view the feed from all three cameras at once or switch to a single camera view for a better view of that angle.

Craig, the owner of this Fleetwood Discovery will be able to have even more fun when he's touring the countryside. I wonder if he'll let me borrow it for my vacation. You can read more about this RV installation at crutchfield.com/rv. And if you'd like some help outfitting your RV or any other vehicle, just give us a call.

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