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Video: Samsung SoundStand

TV platform with built-in powered speakers


You'll enjoy movies and TV shows much more when you hear them the way they're supposed to sound. The Samsung HW-H600 SoundStand's built-in speakers deliver crisp high-frequency detail, clear midrange that makes dialogue stand out, and deep bass response to give sound effects proper impact. And since it sits right under your TV, it won't take up much space in your setup.

Logan: Here at 2014 CES, I've got Scott from Samsung to tell us about their new SoundStand.

Scott: Yeah the SoundStand is something Samsung is very, very excited about, and one of the main reasons is with Samsung, design is super important. If you'll notice our TVs all have small bezels, really well-designed stands, and really want to add to the design of your room.

The one problem we've always had is that home audio products tend to be big and bulky and kind of mess up the design, so Samsung wanted to do something. And what we have this year is the SoundStand. It's basically a little plate that you put underneath the TV. This will hold up to a 55" TV, and it has 8 drivers, or 8 woofers and tweeters in there to drive sound.

There's a small slit down at the bottom here where all the higher frequencies come. That's gonna be dialogue, music, and things like that, while bass is pushed out through the back to bounce off your back wall behind the TV and fill the room with that boom. So now you can have theater-size picture, and now you can have theater-size sound without seeing it. And that's really what I believe sound should be. Sounds should be heard, not seen, and the SoundStand's the product that's gonna give it to you.

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