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Video: Sennheiser HD 558 and HD 598 Headphones


Eric from Sennheiser stopped by to talk about the HD 558 and HD 598 headphones. Both feature fantastic sound quality and a comfortable design.

Hi. Eric with Sennheiser. I'm here at Crutchfield with some of the industry's most discriminate audiophiles, and we have a couple headphones here that are sure to impress.

I have here the HD 598 and the HD 558. Both designs feature the open-air sound that Sennheiser has become world famous for. It's a ported design that lets a little bit of sound escape, so that way the sound waves can breathe a bit more naturally without bouncing around in the ear cavity. The result is the sound of a true hi-fi speaker.

Now the HD 598 is the star of the show here, with a design inspired by a European sports sedan interior. It's very plush, luxurious and very comfortable for long listening sessions. The HD 558 also features the open air design — fully adjustable like its big sister, the HD 598. But the difference between the two really comes from the sound presentation. The HD 558 has what's called an "internal spatial reflector." What this does is it enhances the sound stage.

The transducer is also tuned to be a bit more full bodied. This is a favorite among movie goers and gamers because of the rich sound experience it provides, that is very hyper-realistic. The HD 598 is where you want to look if you're looking for a very clinical sound, with a still warm and open presentation.

Both models feature the E.A.R. design. That stands for "Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement." What this does is angles the transducers, so that way the sound is not coming from this direction, but from this direction at you. That makes movies and well-recorded audiophile material, and HD video and audio sources really come to life, and it gives you a wide sound stage with a lot of spatial quality. Very comfortable with the sound quality and reliability that Sennheiser is world famous for.

So there you have it, the HD 598 and HD 558 from Sennheiser, available at Crutchfield. Thanks for checking it out.

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