Video: Sony Balanced Optical Steady Shot Shake Reduction Technology


Zak Billmeier

Zak Billmeier grew up in southern Vermont and coastal Maine. After graduating from Mary Washington College with a Geography degree he still isn't sure quite what to do with, he eventually settled in the mountains of Central Virginia. He spends his free time chasing his daughter around, taking pictures, gardening and cooking. Zak traces the roots of his interest in electronic gadgets to the Casio wristwatch with a built-in calculator he received as a gift one year as a child. He joined Crutchfield's car A/V team in 2007.

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Sony's Balanced Optical Steady Shot technology steadies your hand like a built-in steadicam when you're shooting videos. With B.O.S.S. keeping the camera still, people will never know you weren't packing a tripod. Check out a demonstration from the show floor at CES 2013.

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