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Video: Sound Bar Demo: Yamaha Digital Sound Projector


C.J., a Crutchfield advisor, listens to a sound bar demo at Crutchfield, and picks out his favorite one: the Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital Sound Projector™, powered single-speaker home theater sound bar.

C.J.: Here at Crutchfield, we get the chance to listen to some of the gear that we sell, and today we've got a sound bar demo set up. We've got four different sound bars to choose from — ot to listen to all of them. I like the Yamaha.

This Yamaha is awesome. It's kind of like a mini receiver. You can hook up anything with HDMI — Blu-ray players, all that kind of stuff. But aside from that, what this is designed for is somebody that doesn't have room for a receiver, doesn't have room for speakers all over their house, or just don't want to. Instead of being just the traditional sound bar, this is a Digital Sound Projector. So it's got 44 speakers built into it and it comes with an actual calibration microphone so you can set it up based on your room. With the speaker calibration, it can make any room sound good. I mean we're pretty much in a garage here and it literally sounded like we were in a movie theater. It's designed to kind of bounce sound all around your room kind of like a home theater would but instead of having to have, you know, your seven speakers all around your room, wires going all over the place, you've got this one speaker that's gonna sit right below your TV and it's a home theater in one. And so when we heard it here today we did music, we did some movie stuff, and, I mean, I was completely blown away with how good it could really make this room sound.

So if you've got any questions about sound bars or the Sound Projector, feel free to give us a call here at Crutchfield.

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