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Video: Tips for using Memory Cards


J., Crutchfield photographer, gives us some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your memory cards.

J: Of course we have a handful of memory cards here in the photo studio. When buying memory cards look for a high capacity — the bigger capacity the better. Probably 16GB is a pretty common one now. You'll never ever say "Gee I wish I had less capacity on this card."

The other thing to look for is speed. There's always a speed number written there now. And with a compact flash, it's a large number with an "X" behind it. This is a 600X. With SD cards, it's called a class number. I think we're up to class 10. So that's the speed at which it can accept information, so the faster your card the faster you can write to it if you're shooting really fast with an SLR. If you're shooting video that's when it's really important.

The other thing to always do once you transfer the image files off your card, I always like to do it redundantly, so you have maybe an external hard drive and your computer, is when you're done, when you've moved them all off that card and the card goes back into the camera, to go into the menu, it's hidden somewhere in every camera, and select format so that will essentially erase that card. And I've found doing that each time has kept any of our cards from ever becoming corrupt, which can happen.

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