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Video: Nikon S1000pj Digital Camera


Nikon's S1000pj features a built-in projector so you can share your photos right away. See it in action in this short Crutchfield review.

Tara: Hi, I'm Tara, and I'm here in Crutchfield's video studio with the Nikon S1000pj. And this little digital camera gives you everything that you'd expect from a Nikon camera. You're going to get 12-megapixel recording, 5X optical zoom, optical image stabilization and a whole lot more.

But what sets this camera apart is that it has a built in projector, so as soon as you take your photos, you can turn the projector on and show those images on a wall, on the side of a tent, and it's just a whole lot of fun. It's really ideal for kids who always want to see their pictures right after you take them, or for sharing with grandparents. You can bring the camera over to their house and project your latest vacation photos up on the wall.

You can project an image from ten inches to six feet away from any wall. And a handy little focus slider on the top lets you dial in the focus so that everything will appear really crisp. Nikon also includes a stand and remote so you can set the camera down, sit back on the couch, and flip through a slide show.

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