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Video: Samsung NX10 digital camera

The Samsung NX10 is a hybrid interchangeable lens camera that lets you switch out lenses for more flexible shooting options.

The NX10 is a hybrid interchangeable lens camera. That means it's as easy to use as a regular point-and-shoot but you can also switch out the lenses for special shots. This makes this camera a good choice for people who want more flexible shooting options on their regular point-and-shoot or for digital SLR owners who want a lighter second camera.

The NX10 comes with an 18-55 mm zoom lens. There are other Samsung lenses you can add when you're ready.

Along with the interchangeable lenses the NX10 also has some features that are better for pro style photography like a larger sensor for photos that are crisp and full of detail and manual mode if you want creative control. Of course it also has all the features that make a point-and-shoot so simple to use. For example there is an automatic mode for when you want the camera to do all the work.

The large display on the NX10 is easy to see in bright sunlight and uses less power than a regular LCD screen. And the camera also shoots HD videos.

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