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Video: Beats by Dr. Dre Tour headphones


The Beats by Dr. Dre Tour are high-resolution earbud headphones with a snug, comfortable fit.


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to use these Beats Tour headphones. The sound from these little headphones was completely impressive to me. I like to listen to sort of techno dance high energy music and it really, really made a difference. Very, very full spectrum of sound. Rich bass and also these little nubs, the rubber nubs fit so perfectly into my ears, I could have had these in for hours.

These headphones come with five sizes of ear buds so you can find the ones that are right for your ears. These are particularly good for commuters who want to drown out outside noise.

There's a built-in remote on the wire to control the music on your iPod or iPhone. Because there's a microphone built-in as well you can also talk on your phone hands-free. And the cable is flat so it won't tangle like other wires.

If you need more information go to crutchfield.com/BeatsTour. If you buy from Crutchfield you'll get technical support for as long as you own your headphones, and if you need advice on buying headphones give us a call, e-mail, or chat with us online.

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