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Video: Heartbeats by Lady Gaga headphones


The Heartbeats by LadyGaga are high-performance earbud headphones with a snug, comfortable fit and a fashionable look.

J.R.: So I got a chance to try out the Lady Gaga headphones and I gotta say I was pretty impressed. I put them on, I hit shuffle on the iPod and fixed dinner for about an hour listening to music — and so I got to listen to a little bit of everything. I had some rock music playing. I had some techno. I think I listened to some Lady Gaga and even some country music. And so really ran the gamut and was really impressed with how they sounded good. They brought out subtle nuances in the music that you don't hear all the time as any good pair of headphones do and of course they had plenty of bass.

So these headphones come with five different size rubber ear tips which are good for accommodating just about any size ear. And that's nice because they make a nice seal inside your ear isolating the outside noise and keeping it out so your music sounds, you know, crystal clear.

They also have a flat wire so that this helps you avoid tangles as you go about your business while you're listening to your headphones. There's a remote on the cable which allows you to control the music on your iPhone and it also has a built in mic for hands-free calling.

If you buy from Crutchfield you'll get technical support for as long as you own your headphones. If you need more information on the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga go to crutchfield.com/LadyGaga. And if you need advice on buying headphones just give us a call or e-mail or chat with us online.

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