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Video: Marantz SR5004 & SR6004 Home Theater Receivers


Dave Bar

Dave Bar has worked for Crutchfield since 1981. After a brief 23 year stint in the sales department, he now writes about home audio gear and camera equipment for Crutchfield's catalog and website. Dave has been hooked on electronics ever since putting together a 5-tube AM radio in his high school shop class, and still enjoys tinkering with stereos in his spare time. His interests include gardening, cooking, fishing, photography, and music.

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Steve Kindig

Steve Kindig has been an electronics enthusiast for over 30 years. He has written extensively about home and car A/V gear for Crutchfield since 1985. Steve is also a volunteer DJ at community radio station WTJU, where he is a regular host of the American folk show "Atlantic Weekly," as well as the world music program "Radio Tropicale."

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Crutchfield experts Dave and Steve discuss some of the highlights of Marantz's powerful SR5004 and SR6004 home theater receivers.

Video Transcript

Dave: We're here today to take a look at the Marantz SR5004 and SR6004 home theater receivers. Now, these feature-packed receivers give you lots of home theater options. So today we're just going to cover a few of the highlights that these receivers give you. Like all Marantz receivers, they are clearly focused on sound quality. Marantz has been around since the 1950s and have a lot of experience building good audio gear.

Steve: Yep. They're especially known for their amplifiers, and the amplifiers in these receivers give you especially clean, warm sound. In fact, if you like to listen to music as much as watch movies, these receivers are great choices because you'll get fantastic home theater without compromising on your music.

Dave: Starting with the '5004 you get all the features you'd expect from a premium receiver for high-def home theater, including 1080p HDMI upconversion. So it gives you nice, convenient, on-cable connection to your TV, plus the best picture possible from all your video sources.

Steve: That's great to just have one cable. Then on the audio side these receivers also can decode the latest surround sound formats on Blu-ray discs. And those give you up to 7.1 channels of sound, but the real story is that it's the highest quality sound you can get. I mean you'll hear just amazing detail and depth.

Dave: And for real home theater fans you also get Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz. Now, this new Dolby technology adds additional height channels that let you hook up a pair of optional speakers in the front of your room, above your right and left speakers. And it adds an element of height to the sound of your movies and video games, you know, so you get that great sense of realism and, you know, like overhead effects and things.

Steve: Like floor to ceiling sound.

Dave: Yeah man, it's a great thing for . especially for gamers.

Steve: Yep. And also these receivers have some nice conveniences, like there's built-in speaker calibration. The receiver comes with a microphone and you set the microphone where you usually sit, push a button on the receiver, and it listens to the sound that's coming from your speakers and dials in the sound specifically for your room, so it's custom-tailored to your room.

Dave: Well if you've ever been blasted off the sofa with loud TV commercials you'll really.

Steve: And who hasn't?

Dave: Yeah, that's true man. You're really, you're going to love these receivers because they offer technology that keeps those extreme bursts of sound — those really loud obnoxious sounds — from being quite so loud. So it keeps your sound sort of smooth and steady while you're watching. Plus, if you're watching late at night it also offers technology that keeps your sound full and rich even when you have the volume turned way down, you know, so you don't wake up the baby.

Steve: Great. So you can still hear the dialogue but some of the explosions aren't quite so crushing.

Dave: Exactly.

Steve: The '6004 receiver would be your best choice if you have a larger room. It's got a little more power so it can fill up a larger room with sound.

Dave: And it's also got an extra HDMI input so you have a bit more flexibility for hooking up your gear. And it also offers two HDMI outputs so you can have, say, a projector and a flat panel screen hooked up at the same time. Say you want to watch movies at night on your screen, you can switch it over. And if you want to watch your flat panel during the day, you can keep them both hooked up at the same time without having to, you know, switch cables, pull cables, that kind of stuff.

Steve: The '6004 is also the better choice for music lovers. If you've got an iPod® you can plug that straight into the receiver. You don't have to get a separate dock. And you're making a direct digital connection, so you get fantastic sound and you can also use the receiver's remote to control your iPod.

Dave: The' 6004 includes a Bluetooth® adapter that lets you listen wirelessly to music that you might have stored on, say, a Bluetooth enabled laptop or a cell phone or even an iPod touch®.

Steve: Okay. Speaking of iPod: if you want to add iPod and Bluetooth capability to the '5004 receiver, there are optional Marantz adapters available.

Dave: And one of the nice features that both of these receivers include, Steve, is the backlit remote which is a great feature.

Steve: It's a must have.

Dave: Oh man, it's so nice after watching, you know, when you're in the dark watching movies to have . to be able to see the buttons that you're trying to push to change the volume and the stations and things like that — a very nice touch.

Steve: You can put the flashlight away. So we've just touched on some of the highlights on these receivers. For full details just visit or give one of our advisors a call.