Video: Boston Acoustics TVee2 Model 2

Ralph and Chris take a look at Boston Acoustics' TVee Model 2 sound bar and wireless subwoofer.

Ralph: Hi, I'm Ralph.

Chris: And I'm Chris. And we're here in the Crutchfield studio to talk to you a little bit about the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 2 sound system. You get a sound bar and a powered subwoofer. Now Ralph, Boston Acoustics has a fantastic reputation for high-quality sound.

Ralph: They do.

Chris: And our customers rave about this product. They give it rave reviews for the upgrade in their TV sound at a great price.

Ralph: That's true. And they also like the simplicity of the system. You get a sound bar that has six drivers in it, and that gives you a nice, full stereo sound — much more detailed than what you're going to get out of your TV. And it's very easy to connect. There's simply one cable that runs from this sound bar to the TV, as opposed to having to run cables to a whole bunch of different speakers. Now, it connects to the subwoofer wirelessly. So really, all you have to do to set this up is plug this in, plug your subwoofer into the wall outlet, and you're ready to go.

Chris: It's really nice, too, Ralph, that Boston Acoustics includes the subwoofer, because that's not always the case with all sound bars.

Ralph: Good point.

Chris: And you really want that bass with all your TV shows, movies, and video games. You need those low frequencies to really round out the sound. And this does that for you.

Ralph: Right.

Chris: It's also — another thing our customers love is that it's so compact. It's less than a cubic foot, so you can tuck that anywhere in your room and still enjoy that full-bodied sound for all your TV viewing.

Ralph: That's true. And so that's what our customers have told us. They like the simplicity, they like the sound, and they like the value for the price. That's the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 2.

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