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Video: Monster In-wall Speaker Cable

Learn about Monster's in-wall speaker cable in this short video.

Dave: If you plan on routing cables through your walls or to an outdoor pair of speakers, say under the eaves of your home, Monster's in-wall cable really fits the bill. It's a high-quality cable that's safe and easy to use, and it sounds very good.

Steve: And like any in-wall cable, it's CL3 rated, which means that it meets strict safety standards.

Dave: And one of the things that makes it easy to install is this smooth jacket coating on the outside. It really lets you pull it through wall studs more easily.

Steve: That really makes a difference. And these cables of course deliver reliably good sound, and some are even THX-certified for guaranteed high performance.

Dave: And they also come available in a two- and four-conductor version.

Steve: And the four-conductor version is pretty cool, because it means that you can run just one cable from your amp or receiver to a pair of speakers or to an in-wall volume control. And again, just one cable to pull.

Dave: Monster in-wall cable is available in 16-, 14-, and 12-gauge versions. The thicker 14- and 12-gauge versions are good for longer runs or higher powered amplifiers and systems.

Steve: The thicker wires are also good in case you ever upgrade to higher powered amps, say down the road. I have a pretty high-powered system and I just ran 12-gauge wire in my basement.

Dave: Right. And that's a job you only want to do once.

Steve: Absolutely.

Dave: For more information on installing in-wall cables, visit crutchfield.com/InWallWiring. And for more information on Monster cable visit crutchfield.com/MonsterInWall.

Steve: And if you need help choosing cables and planning your system, you can call, e-mail, or chat with one of our experts here at Crutchfield.

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