Video: Samsung C8000-series plasma HDTVs

Experience stunning 3D images with Samsung's Internet-ready C8000 plasma HDTVs.

Steve: We're talking about Samsung's C8000 series plasma HDTVs. These are 1080p TVs, which is pretty common, but these have some special features. They're 3D-ready and they're also internet-ready — which means that you can do things like stream Netflix movies.

And I mentioned that they're plasma, and that means that they are really good at handling motion and they give you things like great black levels and really good contrast.

These are 3D-ready TVs also which means that they have special screens that can display images really quickly, which is what you need for 3D. But it also means that they'll give you the clearest 2D picture that you've ever seen.

And if you want to watch 3D at home there are some other things that you need. You need some special 3D glasses, which in this case means Samsung 3D glasses, and you need a 3D video source like a 3D Blu-ray, or a 3D channel like on cable or satellite, or a 3D video game. To get you going Samsung also makes a 3D starter kit that includes two pairs of 3D glasses and a 3D Blu-ray movie.

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