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  • How to Choose an Equalizer
    How to Choose an Equalizer

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Besides giving you tight tonal control over your music playback, equalizers offer you plenty of other useful features. Find out how to choose the one that's right for you.

  • 12 tips for getting the best sound quality in your car
    12 tips for getting the best sound quality in your car

    Jeff Fay

    A car can be a great place to enjoy music, but many commuters still put up with marginal sound quality that they'd never tolerate at home. Here are some tips on how to improve your vehicle's sound, whether you're listening on a simple factory system or a multi-channel amplified setup.

  • dbx speaker management systems
    dbx speaker management systems

    Buck Pomerantz

    dbx DriveRack systems are multi-function processors, connected between the mixer and the amplifiers of a PA, that once properly set, automatically keep the mix sounding good.

  • Pro audio signal processor buying guide
    Pro audio signal processor buying guide

    Buck Pomerantz

    This article will help you understand the different features you'll find in different kinds of sound and effects processors and why you would use them.

  • Intro to live sound equipment
    Intro to live sound equipment

    Robert Ferency-Viars

    Whether you only need a single mic and a speaker or a full kit for your band, it pays to know how a PA system works. This article explains each piece of the system and will help you figure out which ones you need.

  • Life with a Factory Stereo
    Life with a Factory Stereo

    Charlie Pastorfield

    Many new vehicles incorporate climate controls and other features into their factory radios, making it difficult to install a new stereo. Car stereo manufacturers have responded with a variety of products for upgrading your factory radio. Don't want to replace your radio? Charlie Pastorfield reviews some of your options.

  • Equalizers FAQ

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Q: What will an equalizer do for me? Where do I mount an equalizer? What's a spectrum analyzer and do I need one? Since I installed my EQ, my receiver's fader control won't work. Why not? Plus more...

  • Crossover/Equalizer Installation Guide
    Crossover/Equalizer Installation Guide

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Guide to installing a crossover or equalizer in your vehicle.

  • Equalizers Glossary

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Learn about the features and technical specifications today's EQs offer.

  • Installing An Equalizer

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Most of the time, an equalizer is installed in the passenger compartment. It is usually mounted above or below the receiver in the factory radio location. Find out about power and signal wiring.

  • Video: What can AudioControl Gear Do For My Car Audio System?
    Video: What can AudioControl Gear Do For My Car Audio System?

    Charlie Pastorfield

    Crutchfield car A/V editor and longtime musician Charlie put a new system in his convertible a little while back, and while his sound vastly improved it was missing something at first. After tuning his system with AudioControl, he could turn it up without any distortion.

  • Way cool interactive frequency chart

    Jim Richardson

    While doing some research, I stumbled across something remarkable that I just have to share. It's an interactive frequency chart  published by the Independent Recording Network. ...

  • Car Stereo Glossary
    Car Stereo Glossary

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    New to automotive audio? Here's a glossary of terms you'll need to know when you're shopping for an aftermarket CD player, nav receiver, or digital media receiver for your car or truck.

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