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  • Improving her drive time
    Improving her drive time

    Dave Delamere

    As a busy working mom, Mendy's only alone time is when she's driving. When she'd had enough of the factory radio in her 2001 Toyota 4Runner, she turned to Crutchfield for help. She replaces her old factory radio with a new Pioneer DVD receiver.

  • A Dentist Learns the Joys of Car Stereo DIY
    A Dentist Learns the Joys of Car Stereo DIY

    Dave Delamere

    A local dentist performs his first installation procedure on his car's stereo. And with help from Crutchfield, the process left him smiling.

  • Car Stereo Installation Guide
    Car Stereo Installation Guide

    Robert Ferency-Viars

    This installation guide walks you through the process of installing a new in-dash receiver in your car.

  • Video: How to Install a Car Stereo
    Video: How to Install a Car Stereo

    Robert Ferency-Viars

    Watch this video for a step-by-step overview of a basic car stereo installation. The installation shown in this video is only one example - the actual steps involved vary from car to car.

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