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  • Video: Upgrading Computer Sound with Headphones
    Video: Upgrading Computer Sound with Headphones

    Tara W.

    Find out how to get better sound from the music on your computer using headphones in this short video.

  • Video: AKG 2013 Headphones
    Video: AKG 2013 Headphones

    Zak Billmeier

    AKG brings more than 60 years of audio expertise to the table, and it shows in their 2013 line of headphones. Get the lowdown from the AKG booth at CES 2013.

  • CES Spotlight: AKG K 490 NC Headphones
    CES Spotlight: AKG K 490 NC Headphones

    Video Team

    AKG's K 490 NC ultra-compact folding headphones pack a surprising sonic punch, delivering your music with warmth, clarity, and deep, rich bass. But what you won't hear is the din of a noisy environment around you.

  • AKG K 550 Headphones
    AKG K 550 Headphones

    Ralph Graves

    Wear headphones a lot? I do. So when I find a pair that isn't wearing on my noggin, I take note. Like the time I auditioned the AKG K 550 stereo headphones.

  • AKG K 490 NC Review
    AKG K 490 NC Review

    Marshall Chase

    I took the noise-canceling AKG K 490 NC headphones to the gym and elsewhere to put them to the test. They passed admirably.

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