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  • Camcorder Accessories
    Camcorder Accessories

    Meredith Krebs

    Camcorder accessories can help make your home movies memorable. Getting extra batteries, memory cards, a tripod, and few extra cables will set you up like a pro.

  • Digital Camera Accessories
    Digital Camera Accessories

    Meredith Krebs

    Learn how having accessories like extra batteries, a camera bag, and a tripod will help you take better photos with your digital camera.

  • Digital cameras buying guide
    Digital cameras buying guide

    Eric Angevine

    Shopping for a digital camera? Find out which digital camera style and what features are most important before you choose.

  • Headlights dim when the music plays
    Headlights dim when the music plays

    Buck Pomerantz

    When the stereo pulls too much power out of your car's electrical system, every part of the system suffers, even the amplifier itself. Here we discuss the most popular fixes for an underpowered electrical system: the big 3 upgrade, a capacitor, a larger alternator, and a second battery.

  • Camcorders FAQ
    Camcorders FAQ

    Tara W.

    Get answers to common camcorder questions, including tips on using your camcorder and sharing your footage.

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