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  • All About Subwoofers
    All About Subwoofers

    Buck Pomerantz

    All the information and links you'll need to plan, install, tune, and enjoy a subwoofer system in your car or truck.

  • A Budget-friendly Car Audio Buildup
    A Budget-friendly Car Audio Buildup

    Jon Paulette

    Some budding audiophiles look at building a car stereo as an "all or nothing" proposition. They make a wish list, look at the total cost, get nervous, and do nothing. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Installing a system in stages improves your sound without breaking the bank.

  • 12 Tips for Getting the Best Sound Quality in Your Car
    12 Tips for Getting the Best Sound Quality in Your Car

    Jeff Fay

    A car can be a great place to enjoy music, but many commuters still put up with marginal sound quality that they'd never tolerate at home. Here are some tips on how to improve your vehicle's sound, whether you're listening on a simple factory system or a multi-channel amplified setup.

  • Sealed or Ported
    Sealed or Ported

    Buck Pomerantz

    A sealed subwoofer easily produces "tight" bass, while a ported sub more readily plays "boomy" bass. Which you prefer depends on the style of music you like and how you want it played.

  • Choosing a prepackaged surround sound system
    Choosing a prepackaged surround sound system

    Kristen Schaub

    Want better sound with your TV shows and movies? In this article we'll discuss why a prepackaged surround sound system may be for you.

  • Video: Sealed and ported subwoofer boxes
    Video: Sealed and ported subwoofer boxes

    Video Guest

    When you add bass to your system, choosing the right subwoofer box is as important as the sub itself. Since sealed boxes feature a different overall sound than ported ones, it's important to consider your listening habits before making a purchase.

  • Labs Video: Sealed vs. ported sub box listening test
    Labs Video: Sealed vs. ported sub box listening test

    Zak Billmeier

    A group of advisors evaluates the difference between subs in sealed boxes and in ported boxes.

  • How to Build a Subwoofer Box
    How to Build a Subwoofer Box

    Erin Blanton

    Helpful tips and step-by-step instructions for designing and building your own custom car subwoofer box.

  • Video: Where to Position your Subwoofer Box
    Video: Where to Position your Subwoofer Box

    Robert Ferency-Viars, Matt Freeman

    Getting loud bass in your car isn't just about power - where you place your sub in the trunk can make a huge difference. We decided to find out for ourselves just how much of an effect placement has on the quality of a sub's bass.

  • Portable Audio: Safe Listening Out of the Box
    Portable Audio: Safe Listening Out of the Box

    Ralph Graves

    Keeping your portable player or smartphone at safe volume levels not only protects your hearing, but can also improve your listening experience in the process.

  • Video: Sound Ordnance Bass Bunkers
    Video: Sound Ordnance Bass Bunkers

    Zak Billmeier, Jo Greene

    Sound Ordnance subwoofer enclosures, called Bass Bunkers, are available to house most standard-sized woofers. This Crutchfield video gives you an up-close look at these high-quality sub boxes.

  • The Digital TV Transition
    The Digital TV Transition

    Steve Kindig

    The nationwide switch from analog to digital over-the-air TV broadcasts has been completed. Even if you have an older TV that lacks a digital tuner, you can still receive over-the-air broadcasts by connecting a digital TV converter box. Learn what these boxes are all about, and some different ways to connect one to your TV.

  • 2003-08 Honda Pilot
    2003-08 Honda Pilot

    Jon Paulette

    The first-gen Pilot has been a suburban staple for years, and this handsome hauler remains a solid choice if you're looking for a reliable, comfortable SUV. The Pilot's stock stereo isn't bad, but if you're a real music lover, you'll want to upgrade.

  • TV Glossary
    TV Glossary

    Steve Kindig

    Learn about common TV terms and technologies, including 3D TV; Internet-ready TVs; 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates; LED, LCD, and plasma TVs; and much more.

  • Subwoofers Glossary
    Subwoofers Glossary

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Learn about the features and technical specifications included among today's car stereo subwoofers.

  • Video: How to Choose a Subwoofer
    Video: How to Choose a Subwoofer

    Ken Nail

    The first step to choosing a subwoofer actually begins with the enclosure and how you want the sub to perform. In this video we'll tell you about the different types of subwoofer enclosures available, and find out which one best fits your vehicle and your needs.

  • Subwoofer Installation Guide
    Subwoofer Installation Guide

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Thinking about boosting the bass in your car or truck? Here are a few basic things you'll need to know to install a subwoofer in your vehicle.

  • Subwoofer Enclosures
    Subwoofer Enclosures

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    The type of bass you get from your component subwoofer doesn't depend on the woofer alone. You'll need a strong, well-designed enclosure for optimum subwoofer performance.

  • Subwoofers FAQ
    Subwoofers FAQ

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Which hits harder: one 12" sub or two 10" subs? How much power do I need? What difference do cone materials make? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in Crutchfield's Subwoofer FAQ.

  • 2008-up Dodge Challenger
    2008-up Dodge Challenger

    Jon Paulette

    Today's Dodge Challenger is a muscle car for grown-ups. Sure, this powerful coupe is fun between stoplights, but it's also a comfortable long-distance cruiser with surprising amounts of room for people, stuff, and, of course, aftermarket stereo equipment.

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