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  • Car amplifiers glossary
    Car amplifiers glossary

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Learn about the features and technical specifications found in today's amplifiers.

  • Video: Alpine V-Power car amplifiers
    Video: Alpine V-Power car amplifiers

    Zak Billmeier

    Alpine made their V-Power amps 40% smaller for 2013, so they'll fit in more places than ever. Plus they employ some smart technology called Enhanced Shutdown Performance, which rolls back the output a bit when the amp threatens to overheat from playing at its limits too long.

  • Car amplifiers FAQ
    Car amplifiers FAQ

    Buck Pomerantz

    Where should I mount my amp? What wiring do I need? Does any of it come with the amp? What size power and ground wires do I need for my amplifier? How much air space do I need around my amplifier? What's the biggest amp I can hook up to my car's electrical system? Plus more.

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