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  • TV FAQ
    TV FAQ

    Steve Kindig

    What is an "OLED TV"? What does "4K" mean? What size screen do I need for home theater? How far should I sit from my TV for the best picture? What about viewing height, does that matter? Plus more...

  • TV Glossary
    TV Glossary

    Steve Kindig

    Learn about common TV terms and technologies, including 3D TV; Internet-ready TVs; 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates; LED, LCD, and plasma TVs; and much more.

  • Video: Choosing an HDTV
    Video: Choosing an HDTV

    Julie Govan, Steve Kindig

    Confused by HDTV specs and lingo? Get a grip on the key features to consider when choosing an HDTV, including screen size, TV type, resolution, and contrast ratio.

  • How to wall-mount your flat-panel TV
    How to wall-mount your flat-panel TV

    Amanda P.

    Want to wall mount your plasma or LCD TV? Get the info you need for a safe and nice-looking installation.

  • HDTV: An Introduction
    HDTV: An Introduction

    Steve Kindig

    Learn everything you need to understand the world of HDTV and choose a TV that'll make you happy for years to come.

  • Video: LCD vs. Plasma
    Video: LCD vs. Plasma

    Steve Kindig

    LCD and plasma are the two most popular TV technologies. Learn about the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one's best for you.

  • What Do You Need for Home Theater?
    What Do You Need for Home Theater?

    Julie Govan

    Wondering what pieces go into a home theater system? In this article, we walk you through each component's role.

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