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  • Choosing the best HDTV antenna
    Choosing the best HDTV antenna

    Steve Kindig

    Over-the-air broadcasts provide some of the best-looking HDTV signals, and they're free. Take a look at what goes into choosing and installing a HDTV antenna.

  • TV FAQ
    TV FAQ

    Steve Kindig

    What is an "OLED TV"? What does "4K" mean? What size screen do I need for home theater? How far should I sit from my TV for the best picture? What about viewing height, does that matter? Plus more...

  • Best over-the-air DVR solution
    Best over-the-air DVR solution

    Jim Richardson

    Looking for a simple way to cut the cable or satellite TV subscription or to replace your Aereo service? A new DVR from Channel Master makes it easy to record over-the-air TV broadcasts

  • Confessions of a Cable-cutter
    Confessions of a Cable-cutter

    Woody Sherman

    Is there life after cable TV? Woody shares his experiences after he cut the cord and began exploring other entertainment options for his TV.

  • The Digital TV Transition
    The Digital TV Transition

    Steve Kindig

    The nationwide switch from analog to digital over-the-air TV broadcasts has been completed. Even if you have an older TV that lacks a digital tuner, you can still receive over-the-air broadcasts by connecting a digital TV converter box. Learn what these boxes are all about, and some different ways to connect one to your TV.

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