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  • Video: Kenwood In-dash Navigation and iDatalink
    Video: Kenwood In-dash Navigation and iDatalink

    Zak Billmeier

    If your Ford vehicle comes with factory SYNC features, you don't have to worry about losing your favorite conveniences to get navigation and better sound - iDatalink's Maestro module lets you install a Kenwood navigation receiver without losing those factory features. For SYNC systems, you'll be able to retain voice-controlled features, steering wheel audio controls, and factory audio functions, plus enjoy expanded functionality including gauges, climate controls, a distance sensor, and tire pre

  • Video: Kenwood iDatalink "Maestro"
    Video: Kenwood iDatalink "Maestro"

    Zak Billmeier

    Ford owners can upgrade to Kenwood navigation and still keep their factory-installed SYNC system, thanks to this adapter from iDatalink.

  • Add a great new stereo, keep your SYNC® system
    Add a great new stereo, keep your SYNC® system

    Jon Paulette

    With iDatalink's Maestro radio replacement package, you can install a powerful Kenwood navigation receiver and keep your familiar SYNC features intact.

  • A tale of two Mustangs
    A tale of two Mustangs

    Jon Paulette

    A stock Ford Mustang is a beautiful thing, but for many owners, a stock model is just a starting point. A Mustang can always be made to go faster, look wilder, or, of course, sound better. Whether you own a classic or a contemporary model, we can help you build a stereo that's as legendary as the car you drive.

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