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  • HDTV: An Introduction
    HDTV: An Introduction

    Steve Kindig

    Learn everything you need to understand the world of HDTV and choose a TV that'll make you happy for years to come.

  • How to choose a home theater projector
    How to choose a home theater projector

    Steve Kindig

    Projectors have improved a lot in recent years while prices have dropped. Here are some tips on choosing and setting up a projector.

  • TV sizes and viewing distance
    TV sizes and viewing distance

    Julie Govan

    Your TV's screen size should depend on how far you'll sit from it, what you'll watch on it, and your personal preferences.

  • TV Glossary
    TV Glossary

    Steve Kindig

    Learn about common TV terms and technologies, including 3D TV; Internet-ready TVs; 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates; LED, LCD, and plasma TVs; and much more.

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