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  • How to choose a radar detector
    How to choose a radar detector

    Robert Ferency-Viars

    The freedom to relax and drive with confidence — that's what a radar detector can give you. Today's models combine simple design with modern technology. They offer affordable, convenient protection, often from driving hazards as well as tickets.

  • Radar Detectors Glossary
    Radar Detectors Glossary

    Robert Ferency-Viars

    Learn about the features and technical specifications found in today's radar detectors.

  • Radar Detectors FAQ
    Radar Detectors FAQ

    Robert Ferency-Viars

    What is sensitivity? How does it differ from selectivity? What is the range of the radar detectors Crutchfield offers? Or, how far away will they pick up a radar signal? How much more range can be expected when stepping up to a detector described as increasing sensitivity? How do detectors offering "Shadow Technology" differ from "stealth" units? How often do radar detectors false? Plus more...

  • A Quick Review of the Escort Passport iQ
    A Quick Review of the Escort Passport iQ

    Dominic Devito

    A recent out of state trip was the perfect opportunity to test drive the Escort Passport iQ, which is a radar detector with a built-in navigator (or is it the other way around?).

  • Video: Smartphone apps for car and home electronics
    Video: Smartphone apps for car and home electronics

    Ken Nail

    Many consumer electronics products use apps to make your smartphone an integral part of your home entertainment or car operating system. We serve up a few examples in this video.

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