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  • Outdoor speakers buying guide
    Outdoor speakers buying guide

    Crutchfield Writing Team

    Your back yard is a different listening environment than your typical room. Outside, there are no walls to reinforce bass response and reflect and contain sound, and there's usually much more background noise. Find out about special outdoor speakers.

  • Video: Choosing Outdoor Speakers
    Video: Choosing Outdoor Speakers

    Tara W.

    Learn about what to look for when choosing outdoor speakers, including weather-readiness and the speaker designs best-suited for different setups.

  • Video: Planning Your Outdoor Speaker System
    Video: Planning Your Outdoor Speaker System

    Tara W.

    Get tips on planning your outdoor speaker system, including where to place your speakers and the other items you'll need to complete your setup.

  • 2011-up Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited
    2011-up Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited

    Jon Paulette

    The latest Jeep Wranglers prove that it's possible to combine the rugged, go-anywhere capability Jeep enthusiasts demand with the comfort mainstream audiences expect. In 2011, Jeep rolled out some improvements that made the Wrangler's interior a much nicer place for an aftermarket stereo.

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