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  • What is 4K Ultra High Definition TV?
    What is 4K Ultra High Definition TV?

    Steve Kindig

    Ultra High Definition TVs, often referred to as "4K" TVs, can display four times the detail of typical HDTVs. How noticeable is the improvement? Is there any 4K content available? We'll tackle these questions and more.

  • What is OLED TV?
    What is OLED TV?

    Steve Kindig

    OLED is a new way to display HDTV images. It's a big step beyond both LCD and plasma. We look at Samsung and LG offerings using this new display technology.

  • Video: High refresh rates in LCD TVs
    Video: High refresh rates in LCD TVs

    Steve Kindig

    Steve, Crutchfield TV expert, explains what LCD TV refresh rates really mean, and how refresh rates higher than 240Hz are achieved with backlight scanning. Find out if a TV with a high refresh rate is right for you.

  • Video: Samsung F8500 Plasma HDTVs
    Video: Samsung F8500 Plasma HDTVs

    Tara W.

    The F8500 series plasma TVs from Samsung are the finest they've ever made. In fact, at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, while OLED and 4K TVs were grabbing the headlines, the F8500 series was definitely the most talked about "real world" TV.

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