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  • A first-timer tackles car audio installation
    A first-timer tackles car audio installation

    John Pollard

    When you upgrade the audio gear in your vehicle, you'll treat yourself to better sound quality. And when you install it yourself, you'll feel pride and satisfaction from a project well done. If you're reasonably handy and can follow directions, you can do it too, with our help.

  • Video: 2013 DVD Receiver Roundup
    Video: 2013 DVD Receiver Roundup

    Dominic Devito

    Crutchfield car audio expert Dominic takes a look at five popular in-dash DVD receivers in this roundup. DVD receivers give you a nice touchscreen for your dash, along with a slew of fun and useful features. Find out which DVD receivers fit your car and shop Crutchfield's wide selection of DVD receivers by clicking here.

  • Introducing MirrorLink™
    Introducing MirrorLink™

    Matt Freeman

    With the MirrorLink™ smartphone interactivity system, car stereos will finally be compatible with many Android, Blackberry, and Nokia smartphones.

  • Duke's 2008 Toyota Yaris
    Duke's 2008 Toyota Yaris

    Lynn Thorne

    Crutchfield advisor, Duke, drives a 2008 Toyota Yaris. While its size and gas efficiency make it great for road trips and long drives, its factory system was lacking. When one of his back speakers blew, he knew it was the perfect time to address his sound system.

  • Streaming Video Services: How Do They Compare?
    Streaming Video Services: How Do They Compare?

    Marshall Chase

    This chart looks at a growing number of Internet video streaming services, what they offer and compatible devices. We compare search and save features in addition to subscription options, video and audio quality, the size of their catalogs and a few pros and cons of each service.

  • Blu-ray players buying guide
    Blu-ray players buying guide

    Loren Barstow

    Blu-ray players bring home theater to the next level with virtually flawless picture and sound. But how do you know which one's right for you?

  • Lens Filters
    Lens Filters

    Woody Sherman

    Lens filters do more than just provide special photographic effects. They also protect your expensive lens from damage. Woody tells you which basic lens filters should be in every camera bag.

  • Video: How to Choose a Lens
    Video: How to Choose a Lens

    Zak Billmeier

    Zak shows us the different lenses you can use on a digital SLR camera or interchangeable lens hybrid camera, and how to get the pictures you want.

  • Jo's 2008 Honda Fit Sport
    Jo's 2008 Honda Fit Sport

    Buck Pomerantz

    When Jo, a Crutchfield copywriter, decided it was time for a new sound system, she got a little help from Kicker for a complete overhaul. After she had a few days to enjoy her new system, we asked her about the experience.

  • Big bass in a small-car world
    Big bass in a small-car world

    Charlie Pastorfield

    Gas mileage is a big issue with an ever-increasing number of people. Most recently, the "Cash for Clunkers" program has resulted in a lot of people driving more compact vehicles. A smaller, more...

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