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  • Sony App Remote
    Sony App Remote

    John Pollard

    For years, the industry has focused on controlling smartphones with stereos. Now Sony has taken the next logical step forward with their new CD receivers equipped with App Remote, turning smartphone interactivity into a two-way street.

  • Video: 2013 DVD Receiver Roundup
    Video: 2013 DVD Receiver Roundup

    Dominic Devito

    Crutchfield car audio expert Dominic takes a look at five popular in-dash DVD receivers in this roundup. DVD receivers give you a nice touchscreen for your dash, along with a slew of fun and useful features. Find out which DVD receivers fit your car and shop Crutchfield's wide selection of DVD receivers by clicking here.

  • Video: Sony XAV-601BT and MirrorLink™ Connectivity
    Video: Sony XAV-601BT and MirrorLink™ Connectivity

    Zak Billmeier

    Sony's partnered with the Car Connectivity Constortium to develop a cool new technology called MirrorLink for some of their 2012 head units (including the Sony XAV-601BT). It's designed to provide easy-to-use in-dash control over compatible smartphones. We had the opportunity to see it in action at this year's CES show out in Las Vegas.

  • Updating the audio on a classic workboat
    Updating the audio on a classic workboat

    Jon Paulette

    For generations now, the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay have harvested oysters and crabs from the decks of traditional workboats. Known as "deadrises" because of the hull shape, they're made for hard work. But as many enthusiasts know, a good deadrise can be a great pleasure boat. The Mary Rebecca is an authentic, yet thoroughly modern, take on this classic design. All she needed was a thoroughly modern stereo.

  • You Can Do This!
    You Can Do This!

    John Pollard

    When you upgrade the audio gear in your vehicle, you'll treat yourself to better sound quality. And when you install it yourself, you'll feel pride and satisfaction from a project well done. If you're reasonably handy and can follow directions, you can do it too, with our help.

  • Video: Cambridge Audio Azur Blu-ray Disc Players
    Video: Cambridge Audio Azur Blu-ray Disc Players

    Video Guest

    Ben from Cambridge Audio shows us their Azur 651BD and Azur 751BD Blu-ray disc players. They're designed not only to render your videos beautifully, but also to play all your music with depth and clarity.

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