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  • Taking Portable Navigation for a Test Drive
    Taking Portable Navigation for a Test Drive

    Dominic Devito

    With so many navigation options available, why should you invest in a portable GPS navigator for your car? We took a drive with four portable GPS navigators to demonstrate how their extra features make them a great choice for staying on track, especially when compared to a standard smartphone app.

  • Connected World of Portable Navigation
    Connected World of Portable Navigation

    Dominic Devito

    "Connected GPS" for your car combines the mapping capability of GPS with the search functionality of the Internet, so you can find any type of destination you're looking for in real time.

  • Video: Portable GPS Shootout
    Video: Portable GPS Shootout

    Dominic Devito

    Crutchfield writer Dominic took four different portable GPS navigators out for a road test to compare various features, such as destination entry, lane guidance, 3D graphics, voice recognition, and more.

  • Video: What to Look for in Portable GPS
    Video: What to Look for in Portable GPS

    Dominic Devito

    Don't settle for a basic, run-of-the-mill portable navigation device. Watch this video for a quick overview of the best and newest features in portable navigation.

  • Portable Navigator Shopping Guide
    Portable Navigator Shopping Guide

    Dominic Devito

    Learn which key features to look for on portable navigators, so you can make the best decision about which one works for you.

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