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  • Video: JBL Soundbars
    Video: JBL Soundbars

    Zak Billmeier

    Not feeling the impact from your television's tiny built-in speakers? What if we told you that with AC power and one cable from your television we could up your audio game noticeably - with a little help from JBL, of course.

  • Video: Whole Firehouse Audio with Sonos®

    Tara W.

    Sonos® donated a wireless audio system to our local fire station. The firefighters looked forward to being able to play music from their smart phones as they did their chores, cooked and worked out in the firehouse.

  • Installing a digital sound system in a cooler
    Installing a digital sound system in a cooler

    Jon Paulette

    Life's just a lot more fun when you have a cooler full of food and beverages. But did you ever wonder how much more fun it could be if you had a cooler that was also a powerful digital media sound system? We did, so we built one. And, as we suspected, it's really, really awesome.

  • Klipsch® Music Center  KMC-3 Review
    Klipsch® Music Center KMC-3 Review

    Woody Sherman

    We audition the Klipsch® Music Center KMC-3 and find out it can really fill a room — or an outdoor gathering.

  • What's on Apple TV?
    What's on Apple TV?

    Ralph Graves

    What exactly is Apple TV? Although it provides a connection between the Internet and your HDTV, there's much more Apple TV can do — including some rather surprising things. We outline the basics...

  • Video: Free Sonos App for Android

    Video Team

    Shawn, Senior Product Advisor at Crutchfield, was a beta tester for the Sonos Controller App for Android. Shawn tells us how the free app works and how he uses it with his Sonos system.

  • Video: Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air
    Video: Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

    Video Team

    Greg Williams from Bowers & Wilkins came to Crutchfield to talk about their Zeppelin Air, a powered speaker system with Apple AirPlay®.

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