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Articles & Videos: Equalizers & Processors

How to choose an equalizer
by Crutchfield Writing Team

Besides giving you tight tonal control over your music playback, equalizers offer you plenty of other useful features. Find out how to choose the one that's right for you.

A car can be a great place to enjoy music, but many commuters still put up with marginal sound quality that they'd never tolerate at home. Here are some tips on how to improve your vehicle's sound, whether you're listening on a simple factory system or a multi-channel amplified setup.

Equalizers FAQ
by Crutchfield Writing Team

Q: What will an equalizer do for me? Where do I mount an equalizer? What's a spectrum analyzer and do I need one? Since I installed my EQ, my receiver's fader control won't work. Why not? Plus more...

While doing some research, I stumbled across something remarkable that I just have to share. It's an interactive frequency chart  published by the Independent Recording...

Car amplifier buying guide
by Buck Pomerantz

This guide will help you choose the right amplifier - number of channels and how many watts per channel - for your sound system.

Equalizers glossary
by Crutchfield Writing Team

Learn about the features and technical specifications today's EQs offer.

Crutchfield car A/V editor and longtime musician Charlie put a new system in his convertible a little while back, and while his sound vastly improved it was missing something at first. After tuning his system with AudioControl, he could turn it up without any distortion.

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