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Articles & Videos: Car Antennas

How to choose a replacement antenna
by Crutchfield Writing Team

Having antenna problems? How do you know if you need a new antenna? How do you select a new one? Find out here.

Antennas FAQ
by Crutchfield Writing Team

Is installing a new antenna a difficult task? My antenna's reception is pretty good, but I think it should be better. Would an antenna booster be of any help? Will there be any problems connecting a new antenna to my factory stereo? Do you sell replacement masts for my factory antenna?

Video: Car stereo installation tools
by Robert Ferency-Viars

Get a look at some of our favorite toys. This video showcases some of the tools and accessories that are frequently needed when installing car stereo equipment. It's not always easy to find these tools at the hardware store, and that's why we carry them.

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