Articles & Videos: Digital Cameras

Sony's NEX cameras combine a large, DSLR-sized image sensor with a small body to give you an interchangeable-lens system that pumps out great images. Its small form factor makes it easy to carry, and an ever-growing family of lenses will help you capture your creative vision.

Sony's Alpha line of digital SLRs employ a translucent mirror instead of the traditional flipping mirror, letting you shoot faster than ever. With lots of lenses to choose from, they'll help you fulfill your creative vision.

Canon's PowerShot N digital camera features a fresh new design, with a tilting screen, no traditional shutter button, and built-in Wi-Fi® for easy photo sharing. The wide-angle lens zooms optically to 8X, giving you a wide range of shooting options.

Getting a chance to borrow and use the Leica T Camera System for a couple of weeks was an incredible opportunity - I got to take beautiful photographs with a camera that combines top-flight internal engineering and precision optics with an undeniable external sense of style. In short, my photos would look amazing, and so would my camera.