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Articles & Videos: iPod® Adapters for Aftermarket Radios

iPod® Generations Chart
by Ralph Graves

Sort out which generation iPod you have with these handy charts. Includes the iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, and iPod touch.

Video: Upgrading Your Factory Stereo, part 3
by Robert Ferency-Viars, Ken Nail

You don't need to feel like you're stuck with the few features that happen to be built into your factory stereo. In this short video, Crutchfield experts explain how

Laying the Foundation, Part 2
by Michael Sokolowski

So, what effect did replacing my Yukon's factory radio with the Alpine have on the rest of the factory system? (See Part 1 for background.) It really notched it up, no kidding. Fatter bass, more...