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Articles & Videos: Digital SLR Cameras

Lens Filters
by Woody Sherman

The lens filter. No camera bag should be without at least one. You've finally pulled the trigger and ordered that sweet DSLR kit you've had your eye on for the past year or...

Steve, Crutchfield A/V Editor, gives us a tour of the Crutchfield Labs. He talks about why we built the Labs and how they can help us find you the right gear.

Holiday photo recipes
by Woody Sherman

The holidays present interesting challenges for the photographer. Three of Crutchfield's most experienced photographers discuss their approaches and tips for great sea

Sony's Alpha line of digital SLRs employ a translucent mirror instead of the traditional flipping mirror, letting you shoot faster than ever.

What is HDR photography?
by Woody Sherman

Many digital cameras offer high dynamic range (HDR) imaging as part of their feature set. What does this mean, and when should I use it?

What happened to my shots? We’ve all seen them: pictures with blazing cheekbones and dark eye sockets, or two silhouettes in front of a well-exposed beach panorama, or a big flare...

What does resolution mean, when it comes to cameras? Are there different types of resolution? Woody explores the concept in three ways.

Shooting music festivals
by Don Minson

Lockn' Festival 2013, Arrington, VA — Aerial shot There’s nothing like attending a music festival — or the challenge of getting photos that really capture the festival...

DSLR vs. camcorder
by Eric Angevine

DSLR vs. camcorder film video low-light camera professional

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