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Articles & Videos: Crossovers

How to choose a crossover
by Buck Pomerantz

Looking for a crossover? Do you need a crossover? There are several different types - make sure you choose wisely to optimize your system.

How to install a crossover
by Crutchfield Writing Team

Passive crossovers are very easy to install, but active crossovers require a little more work. Find out about mounting, wiring, and setting up a crossover.

Crossovers FAQ
by Crutchfield Writing Team

What is a crossover and do I need one? What's the difference between passive and active crossovers? How hard is it to install a crossover? These answers and more in our crossovers FAQ.

Crossovers glossary
by Crutchfield Writing Team

Learn about the features and technical specifications you'll find in a crossover.

Crutchfield car A/V editor and longtime musician Charlie put a new system in his convertible a little while back, and while his sound vastly improved it was missing something at first. After tuning his system with AudioControl, he could turn it up without any distortion.

It can be difficult to anticipate the curveballs that come with car audio installations, but that hasn't stopped Audiofrog from trying. Packaged with every pair of GB Series speakers is versatile mounting gear that will prepare you for a variety of installation challenges.

Who is Audiofrog?
by Alexander Hrabe

Founded by car audio vets, Audiofrog takes a refreshing approach to hi-fi sound that audiophiles and custom car enthusiasts can appreciate.

Audiofrog's a la carte approach to car audio is perfect for those with a specific vision of the high-quality system they want in their car. Depending on the combination of tweeters and midrange speakers, Audiofrog provides crossover networks specifically engineered for nearly every 2- or 3-way system possible.

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