Car Amplifiers: Categories
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    Check out our full selection of car amplifiers: find out how an amp can make your system sing.

  • Mono Amplifiers

    Mono amps offer maximum bang per buck for driving subs, as they deliver more power at lower impedances.

  • 2-channel Amplifiers

    Use a 2-channel amplifier to power a set of speakers, or switch to mono mode to drive a sub.

  • 4-channel Amplifiers

    4-channel amps power your front and rear speakers, or switch to 3-channel mode to run speakers and a sub.

  • 5-channel Amplifiers

    5-channel amps power your entire system: 4 channels for front and rear speakers, plus a sub channel.

  • Amplifier Installation

    Top-quality wires, cables, capacitors, fuses, and more

Video: Car Amplifier ChannelsOne of the first steps in choosing an amplifier for your car audio system is to decide how you intend to use the amplifier, and thus how many channels it should have. This short video gives you a quick overview to help answer that question.

Video: Car Amplifier PowerWe describe the basics of deciding how much power an amplifier should have when you're trying to match it to your speakers or subwoofers.